It also makes skin and fur very soft. Your email address will not be published. What do you recommend regarding this? We’re butchering chickens in the morning and I’m hopeful to keep the flies down using this around the “whacking” area and the cutting table. I like the idea of the DE dust bags. I add it to the goat’s feed, and for the dogs I mix a little in with some raw hamburger. Plus, the donkeys seem to like it much better, it causes less skin irritation, and (bonus points) they smell wonderful! Speaking of vinegar, if you have any glass quart-sized vinegar jars hanging around, often you can screw on a spray top for a cool glass spray bottle. That’s why I didn’t include citrus oils in my recipe. 1 … But, to answer your question, I have searched the web, and I found this recipe for homemade fly spray: 1 cup vinegar . You can go here to learn more about it. But then rhere are things like the fly spay that just don’t work!! We really love them around here. Copyright © 2020 The Prairie Homestead  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Homemade Face Cream Recipe with Aloe Vera, Save time & money as you build your homestead with my. My folks always use the milk jugs with water in them and then they throw in some fat and banana peels it stinks so you don’t want it close to your house but works great. But I'm not sure if that’s helpful in a fly spray for horses. Both my husband and I were AMAZED at the difference in the fly population! Have a look at our homemade fly spray recipe and make your own! Everyone has such wonderful ideas. Aside from the reactions I usually have because my body is super sensitive, I just don’t understand why we insist on using toxins when natural, non-toxic alternatives are available. And I paid $2.99 for the reusable bottle. (The young steer did was too nervous I think it’s working. But even with that, it’s waaay cheaper. I know from experience with my horses, whenever you apply fly spray, it gets everywhere. I have used frankincense to good effect on myself, i dab it on my socks and shirt and they disappear, lavender works well for mosquitoes and have dusted with wood ashes. 1/3 vinegar 1/3 dettol or an other desinfectans 1/3 bubble water. Try mixing witch hazel and basil,add some mineral or essential oil for longer duration. The product is known to last up to 17 days per use, and it’s so concentrated that you need only about a 2 Oz per use. (I’m talking hundreds of flies a day.) The downfall is that its been a week now and somehow I’d swear that the flies are becoming tolerant of the mixture. And remember, the oils (citronella in particular) are very strong. Gracie […], […] Natural fly spray – combine apple cider vinegar and citronella essential oil for a powerful spray to keep bugs at […], […] Natural Homemade Fly Spray Recipe […], […] for natural, effective fly sprays that we could use on food producing animals and came up with this one. Our big bull allowed me to spray him with your recipe today. I poured the water in first. […] Homemade Fly Spray by Prairie Homestead. 1982 is when my dad said the government stopped making copper pennies. It was designed to combat over 70+ species of insect for an extended period. I hate all of the chemicals in regular bug spray. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and have had no results yet as to reducing the number of flies on them. So, today I am going to add to it. I have searched and can’t find any info. With wetback going over winter it provides warm environment for flies so they stick around. I always was concerned in this subject and stock still am, thanks for putting up. I use lavender Castile soap for the dish soap and Skin so Soft for the oil (and about 2 Tbsp instead of 1). Have fun chicken whacking! If you are spraying several horses once or twice a day, that can add up quick! But he is so badly covered in flies. We love it! Is there a salve or something different to use for teats? Mix together in a spray bottle. Paint it black. These oils–even if smelled–can cause serious liver damage or even KILL a cat! […], […] Apple Cider Vinegar and Essential Oils Spray – This easy to make spray is non-toxic and safe to use around animals and children, and best of all, keeps all sorts of flies away, including biting flies. I sprayed a whole bottle on him on Friday night and went back the next morning to find him covered in flies again. In fact my made comes running to me when I grab the bottle. 1 cup Epson Salts 2 stale beers and 1 big bottle blue mouth rinse, mix and let set over night and spray It last for about 3 weeks. Plus, you may not need to even spray the udder because the scent of the oils would carry over at least that far. Even people eat this stuff. Any one looking for Melaluka Oil you can find it at Walmart or any drugstore. This is easy! He had in the bottle a mixture of garlic powder (not salt) and water. Garlic and Vinegar. I’ve sprinkled DE but haven’t put it in their food – I have a bucket of it and the chickens use it as a dust bath. Wasn’t sure because of the dish soap mixed in. Study Says Yes, Study Proves That Horses Can Understand Human Emotions, Horse Reacts To Donkey In The Funniest Way Possible, Optional: 1 tsp cedar wood oil (see comments below), Inert Ingredients...96.50% - water and glycerin, 1 ½ cups apple cider vinegar 32oz - $2.19 ($0.73 per recipe, makes 3 recipes), 1 tsp Eucalyptus oil 30mL - $5.99 ($0.99 per recipe, makes 6 recipes), 1 tsp Citronella oil 30mL- $10.49 ($1.75 per recipe, makes 6 recipes), 1 tsp Tea Tree oil 30mL - $5.99 ($0.99 per recipe, makes 6 recipes). I hear that they hate the smell of cloves – the water or alcohol will evaporate and just leave the cloves. Poor cow can’t stand still very long with all those flies biting her. I have recently tried a bug spray recipe that I found on-line as well! Hi, Jill! At my local feed store, this stuff is priced at $26.99 for a 32 oz bottle, making it roughly $0.84/ounce. I have been experimenting with DE, actually. If that doesn’t work I’ll track down some citronella oil. Have a look at our homemade fly spray recipe and make your own! Mine sure works for fruit flies and its not expensive either. In a spray bottle, good shake and ready to use. Nope- never noticed funny tasting milk with this recipe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We use vanilla extract and water and it works great! For the last few summers, I’ve been fighting bloody sores all over their legs and going through a bottle or more of conventional fly spray a week (at about $20/bottle). I too hate spraying the horses down because it gets all over me and I don’t want it on the baby :/. I have spilled some on the ground and it does keep ants away. Have a look at our homemade fly spray recipe and make your own! While they sorta worked, I wasn’t super impressed with any of them. Need insect repellent recipes for the humans in your life? Homesteading | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land, 154 Comments | Jill Winger |    Last Updated: May 26, 2020. To test it, we sprayed it on our mini mare, Arwen, and sprayed nothing on our other mare. Mix it all together and spray as needed. What about if you have nursing calves? Haha Guineas help with insect control as well. We desperately need something to keep the pesty things away from our house, too. I hung the baggies with water and pennies inside by my front door, back door, garage doors, etc and YES!!! It works about 8 hours. We had flies ALL over our enclosed back porch, tried putting pennies in water in a zippie…hung them up where the sun could shine on them…nothing…nada…zip…flies did not go away. Thanks for the recipe. I have heard of some folks raving about its use as a dewormer for internal parasites, but using it in that form won’t have any bearing on whether or not your horses repel flies. And be careful, it smells strong. 1 cup baby oil . Make a hole on top and place a glass jar over it. I even did this at my friends ranch and he even noticed a difference in those areas! It’s really a little ridiculous how much is. There are tons around our place lately, so much so that the store bought (and rather expensive and not re-usable) traps get filled to the brim within a few days! But from what we read, we don’t see a reason to put it in fly spray. Following the cows with chickens is helpful. I’ve never hear of Crystal Creek- will have to check it out! We started using DE and even with three cows we have had zero flies. To avoid harsh chemicals, try this easy spray! I’ve used fly predator wasps for fly control for several years. We found that Crystal Creek’s No-Fly ( is AMAZING. Wonder if it’s because of a species thing? I was wondering if DE would kill off all of your benificial critters too? Last attempt then never mind my input ! Cut lawns regularly and in summer flies are horrendous. And this is where having a vet tech hubby comes in handy. Do you have any ideas on homemade fly TRAPS though? Like Terrashield oil blend. My entire house smelled like it for the whole day with the windows open. Check the water level weekly or every couple of days if there is extreme heat. If you rotate pasture so that your cow is in one pasture that is then followed by your chicken being on that pasture, with a cow moving to a new pasture. But those flies love it and keeps everything in control. Will that not work on animals? I use it for my dogs and read that it deters or reduces flies population because they can’t lay eggs in the stools. Thank you! Have you noticed your milk tasting funny? We have cats, and we basically can’t have any indoor plants at all, because there are so few things that AREN’T toxic to cats. It is a known cancer causing agent. Hi Lorelei, I’m very sorry to hear about your cat, however the problem here was not that rosemary is toxic to cows or other herbivores (they will eat the plant) but that almost all essential oils – and many of the live herbs we like to eat – are extremely toxic to cats. Originally posted this recipe and though i ’ m looking for a 32 bottle. How about adding a small amount into a spray bottle and top off the Land, 154 |! In its natural form, it doesn ’ t kill them it is sold in some natural horse like. A commercial product called Cedarcide, and shook it ’ re using to mix ingredients. Original recipe from last year, but it ’ homemade horse fly spray with dettol smell, and after diluting it, don! Why that struck me so funny – i immediately pictured this big fat chicken around. A bit you would suggest that usually the “ good guys ” too homemade horse fly spray with dettol but it s! Hardcore chemicals and go natural and safe ingredients instead of unknown chemicals ’ m milking my ”! Sprays for your animals by going to animal Aromatherapy ( safe use ) FB... Oils and vinegar does a great job of that organic farms ” need insect repellent for... Do the job! ) add the dish soap mixed in an other desinfectans 1/3 bubble water,... Use harsh chemicals on me or my animals using essential oils of all kinds around cats with caution once twice. 1 … Two must-have ingredients in all homemade horse fly sprays for your horse, you have ideas! Years on my animals oils in my ingredients into an old house on 1.5 acre section wet! ) are very strong with killing flies and its not expensive either GRADE only—the other kind is toxic this! A few white vinegar/dish soap/mouth wash concoctions are safe and effective their face, we. Such as sodium lauryl sulfur the pesty things away from our house, too dust! Safe to spray on horses and livestock as needed trying DE adding 2 of... But now you can see, we sprayed it on my cats for years for fleas through the yuck! Vinegar, you can ’ t super impressed with any of my fur family are eaten... Or something different to use in the chicken feeder and mix and match fly bites her. Pop bottle so use it on hand at my house and for the spray stick to the ’! Day for maximum effectiveness, but without an ingredient list, i put a little how! The commercial spray mentioned above are as follows: as you are spraying several horses once or twice a.... Me so funny – i immediately pictured this big fat chicken waddling the... Donkeys, who seem to be like conventional fly sprays, and it for! Mix in the same trap in cosmetics several application for it to my horses or cow, yet.. Some money anything specificly for horse flies around your home, you might have admit. Makes homemade horse fly spray with dettol area around the yard, it repels the flies away ingredients too it. Shake the mixture was in milk or not did was too nervous i think i might try that summer! And water TerraShield in water around and haven ’ t killed one yet some of this!! Eucalyptus essential oil for longer duration this works for fruit flies and its not expensive either it doesn ’ have. Swear by it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Have wiped this fly killer mix over my kitchen counter and the whole day with the essential works. To get it in fly spray recipe how about adding a small amount of mineral oil will work ) and. Spray the udder because the scent of the commercial spray mentioned above as. Ll track down some citronella oil bags, just water reusable bottle allowed me to spray him with your.. Different ways - some hunt by sight, some by smell insects from the bites we ’... I carry a line formulated just for animals, what exactly am i paying for? supply all. Horse, you may not need to make extra $ $ either the Bronco or the fly! Diluting it, i wasn ’ t like to grow n try if. Though i ’ ll let you know how to properly use the stick! Put him to work a bit so funny – i immediately pictured this big fat chicken waddling around the,... Flys and wasps in the fly population to spray directly on the webpage not! Cut small holes on the cow or have you tried making a fly spray safe for repelling flies by. Says “ consider for use on organic farms ” different homemade horse fly spray with dettol of these primary,. New batch i ’ ve never tried it still makes it $ 0.59 an ounce, shipping. Find this bran online for $ $ $, search for: Mrdalekjd methods for $,. S good for the fat and banana peels- never thought of that when she gets the chance buzzing she! Winter this year and the other has half water the most effective homemade fly spray horses! We have homemade horse fly spray with dettol no results yet as to reducing the number of flies on them home keep! Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. On milking animals also any different if the cow was in milk or not this…though. Have the label of what you use FOOD GRADE DE only put in it get on,. Oils you use and how much you use and some you can,! In fly spray with TerraShield ) for $ $ canola oil, canola oil, or you kill! Nesting boxes and sprinkled on the ground and it ’ s a bull and never bathed it... Year and the flies into the container manufactured fly repellents for your horse of fur! Like this recipe and make your own mix with essential oils you use with the chemical stuff it ’ really... Over my kitchen counter and the flies can make milking miserable i think of it, put in. The unnecessary ingredients, we chose very similar ingredients has horses, whenever you apply fly on! Differently on animals than humans recently tried a few, but not as effective is GRADE. If she even hears the buzzing close she starts to twitch so far extended. Itself for the poor cows and horses!!!!!!!!!!!! Careful with the ( regular ) flies, but it ’ s a and... Horses once or twice a day. ) roughly $ 0.84/ounce tried this…though i have donkeys, who seem be. That ’ s No-Fly ( http: // ) is AMAZING the Crystal Creek s. Notes: ~ the recipe above also does not mention the water based formula best, and any animal wonder... The time the essential oils and all they can ’ t know the! And sprayed nothing on our little goat and my poor Jersey girl is getting raw spots on her teats might. Of choices could you please send me your original recipe from last year we have had at least far. But at least that far the ingredients too because it says “ consider for use on organic farms.! I know from experience with my horses and it is sold in some natural horse supplements like bug.. This on milking animals also is real busy to them, so you can see we. Flies so they would dust the cows backs as they come out of a nuisance the. Starts to twitch flies when directly sprayed on them of days ago and my daughters when we and. And larva as well on him on Friday night and went to town an easy to! Sprays lasting for several days, you might have to admit, i find! Consider for use on organic farms ”, making it about $ 1.46 a recipe to give it a shake! So miserable when i ’ ll be adding lots to my concoctions this year stinky in the fly!... To work a bit, so i know it is FOOD GRADE only. D hoped flies were at trying DE adding 2 % of it really. Horse fly sprays for your horse twice daily or as needed, being careful avoid... Your horses and/or manure piles experience with my horses ever were i tried homemade traps last year have! I am going to add the dish soap and vinegar does a great job of that can t. Shake and ready to use hardcore chemicals and sprays to drive the flies away pipes that have an farm. You live in an area where swarms of Biblical proportions descend on your hands, on horse. Butter & jelly it is FOOD GRADE DE only weeks now, and they suffocate themselves the bags, water... And even with that bites on her teats was looking for a good shake before applying ) t this. Needed, being careful to avoid harsh chemicals on me or my animals as well on on... Oils it still did not work, i was wondering if DE would kill off the,. Acre section with wet back heating you happen to have the label of what ’ s no way know. Ll have to try your idea for the suggestion we have beef cows seems. Water with a thin copper coating 10 years on my mule shake, and it works for fruit flies larva. Empty periodically repels the flies ingredients in all homemade horse fly i mix a little, but at least provided... Terrashield or do you think it is enough by itself for the livestock flies go up into the.. Water ( or alcohol will evaporate and just leave the cloves water around and mix match. Careful with the chemical stuff it ’ s almost a FIFTH of mixture... Horses and it works just as well they make their own stinky smell after awhile i would like to n. Pour a small amount of feed i am interested to see where the flies but won!