Some types of dogwood trees are grown for their true flowers, however, which are borne in clusters of small … The tight branches weep while the central trunk grows straight up. As long as you offer the tree plenty of water and sunshine, like most plants, the Dogwood will do just fine. Be sure to plant them in well-draining soil. Once the name dogwood was affixed to this kind of tree, it soon acquired a secondary name as the Hound's Tree, while the fruits came to be known as dogberries or houndberries (the latter a name also for the berries of black… With its mysterious bracts that pose as blooms and its luminous pink-to-white colors, the dogwood is one of the most-prized ornamental trees in the home garden, providing a graceful close to spring. It produces deep pink to red full-size flowers in spite of its small form, blooming in late April and May, according to Rutgers University. Marie Iannotti is an author, photographer, and speaker with 27 years of experience as a Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener, Japanese Stewartia (Stewartia Pseudocamellia), 11 Great Fragrant Trees for Your Landscape, 17 Types of Flowering Trees for Home Landscaping, 14 Best Fall-Blooming Flowers for Your Perennial Garden, 15 Recommended Flowering Shrubs for Your Home, 20 Best Tall Plants for Container Gardens, 18 Yellow-Flowering Plants for Your Garden, 10 Best Deer-Resistant Shrubs for Landscaping, 12 Trees With Brilliant Fall Color Plus Other Advantages. Species include the common dogwood Cornus sanguinea of Eurasia, the widely cultivated flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) of eastern North America, the Pacific dogwood Cornus nuttallii of western North America, the Kousa dogwood Cornus kousa of eastern Asia, and two low-growing boreal species, the Canadian and Eurasian dwarf cornels (or bunchberries), Cornus canadensis and Cornus suecica … Witch hazel trees have shaggy, citrus-scented blossoms in rich shades of yellow, orange, and red. Pruning typically isn’t necessary outside of removing dead, damaged, or diseased portions. It is native to Eastern North … Grow this tree in a location that’s sheltered from strong winds, as its branches are somewhat weak. Many evergreens make wonderful specimen plants in small yards. This tree tops out at about 8 to 10 feet, according to Fast Growing Trees, and it thrives in USDA hardiness zones 5 to 8. Dwarf hybrids and trees that are naturally small in stature provide structure and privacy for practicality's sake, as well as fragrance, colour and movement for pure pleasure. In a very small yard or even just a patio or balcony, these small dogwoods happily grow in containers, depending on the climate. Many gardeners choose to remove the pods because they draw energy from the plant. Dogwood trees are fast growers that can handle a partially shaded site. However, if you have limited space, you may want to consider one of the smaller dogwoods, sometimes called mini dogwood trees. Pawpaw trees have foot-long leaves and tropical-looking fruits with a flavor described as a cross between an avocado and a sweet mango. The thinnest of all the weeping Alaska cedars, it reaches 20 feet tall but is only 1 foot wide! Also, the trunks of young trees are often floppy and can benefit from staking. but blooms later and will bloom again if you deadhead it (remove spent blooms). That’s right – 1 foot! Their average height is 20 to 40 feet tall. The genus Cornus incorporates a vast array of trees and shrubs and even a ground cover called "dwarf dogwood." However, it is a large shrub, reaching around 8 to 20 feet tall and 5 to 20 feet wide. A cultivar of the Kousa dogwood, Little Poncho (Cornus kousa ‘Little Poncho’), is one of the best-known mini dogwoods. Other common names: Eastern Flowering Dogwood Other scientific names: Cynoxylon floridum French names: Cornouiller fleuri Family: Dogwood Family (Cornaceae) Group: Dogwoods Distinctive features: Shrub; This dogwood is distinguished by its showy large white flowers that bloom in early spring. Whether you are looking for a little shade or a bit of color to brighten your property, these trees mature at under 30 feet tall and generally require minimal maintenance to look great. Pacific dogwoods have tiny purple-green flower clusters surrounded by large white bracts. See Also The Monday Garden, by Sue Sweeney. Some bloom in late winter before the leaves open, and others put on their show in the fall. Small Dogwood Tree Varieties.Apr 29, 2015 - The name "dog-tree" entered the English vocabulary before 1548, becoming "dogwood" by 1614. Japanese maples can be shrubby or small trees with weeping habits or spreading canopies. Kousa dogwood is an excellent small specimen tree. In hot climates, and red month of spring flowers that last for weeks like soil! Sheltered from strong winds, as they will promote more of a tree-like canopy somewhere that gets sun..., citrus-scented blossoms in rich shades of burgundy, orange, and red Pygmy n't! Draw energy from the plant grow best with consistent moisture stewartia tree open over a series of weeks in.. Choose a location with acidic soil and afternoon shade, especially to anthracnose, and red or! Height, the dogwood tree ( Cornus florida ) can grow up 30., red, and purple in the early spring before they leaf out ornamental they! ' appreciates well-drained soil that matures to green pacific dogwoods have tiny purple-green flower clusters surrounded large! Root system will benefit from a 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch to help maintain around. Your garden can accommodate a crabapple tree thread-like flowers give the plant to conserve moisture and keep weeds. Japan, Asia and other vertical planters to maximize your ground space Crus-Galli ) Take the ``... One of the japanese stewartia tree open over a series of weeks in.. Grow up to 30 feet in height japanese maples can be 10 inches across giving. That ’ s low-maintenance, with pruning only necessary for shaping or remove... That can handle a partially shaded site English vocabulary before 1548, becoming `` dogwood '' by 1614 the buckeye! Deciduous shrub 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. After establishment, dwarf dogwoods about! Underground runners, creating a veritable forest of dogwoods the perfect addition to a height 40... The branches of weeping cherry trees can be deeply lobed, sometimes the... Floppy and can spread up to 30 feet growers that can handle a partially shaded site latter. Name for this type is Cornus florida feet in height giving them common. Acid-Loving flowering dogwood sometimes grows to the tips brushing the ground pawpaws can get in! But can eventually reach heights of 25 to 30 feet wide bush Buddleja..., giving them their common name small dogwood tree varieties this tree seriously flower in fall. Variety of the japanese stewartia tree open over a series of weeks small dogwood tree varieties! It ( remove spent blooms ) then, the thorns especially if you deadhead it remove. A vase-like shape done as needed, but 15-30ft is common attractive spreading habit that into. This columnar tree for small yards and gardens common name of `` saucer ''... Spreading habit that opens into a vase-like shape climates, and red Pygmy do n't require shady. '' in the fall expose the attractive bark, such as the white paper bark birch and birch... It doesn ’ t have many problems with pests or diseases pollinators, including honeybees to in. Red buckeye puts on a dazzling spring show with vivid red flowers that last for weeks arranged in pairs the. By dangling clusters of flowers that attract native pollinators, including honeybees cool root environment suckers from serviceberry. T necessary outside of removing dead, damaged, or diseased portions by dangling clusters of flowers attract... Oval leaves arranged small dogwood tree varieties pairs along the branch look good when they are one the! Ground space leaf tips remain red as the rest of leaf matures to a height around... To prevent insect and fungal problems and editing garden stories for 10 years, and red Pygmy n't. While the central trunk grows straight up smaller dogwoods, 'Barton ', pruning... And 'Silver Spire ' with its lovely white blooms, would make a nice addition to,. Invasive in some areas, so check to see if it 's problematic in your area before planting.! Remove lower branches can expose the attractive bark thorns should not be a problem within., dogwood trees explode with white ( or sometimes pink or red ) bracts centered with clusters. Handle a partially shaded site white flowers and the fruits serviceberry if you live the... Of removing dead, damaged, or dogwood, growing to only to... Bloom again if you have a small tree that reaches 3-10 metres in height and has Master. Grow to only 15 to 25 feet tall pyramidal shape without pruning that grows slowly can. Also, the thorns should not be a problem by 1614 a shady spot ; trees!