Actually a backcross of Viburnum carlesii x Viburnum x carlecephalum. Judd Viburnum grows up to 6-8 feet tall. Culture Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Shrubs include weigela, Korean spice viburnum, roses, hostas, and cotoneaster "autumn inferno." Korean Spice Viburnum is a slow-growing shorter version of the species, growing 3-4 ft tall and wide with a rounded form. Select S’ Description & Overview A Johnson’s Nursery origination; J.N. A smaller size deciduous shrub with a rounded form and an upright and open-branching habit. It's just one of the hardy, adaptable viburnums, a group of easy-care shrubs that bring bloom, fruit, and fall color to many a midwestern backyard. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Viburnum, Koreanspice Viburnum (Viburnum carlesii) 'Sugar 'n Spice' supplied by member gardeners in … Viburnum Compacta - Common name:Korean Spice Viburnum - Clusters of small white star shaped flowers open from pink buds in mid-spring and cover the plant followed by shiny red to black berries. Koreanspice viburnum (Viburnum carlesii) is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture horticultural zones 5 through 9. There are also some dwarf versions of the Korean spice viburnum if you 'Aurora' Viburnum also grows to 6-8 feet tall. Depending on … Ref Description € Inc Tax Buy Availability 9059J Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have Why Korean Spice Viburnum Shrubs? 'Compactum' Dwarf variety, growing 2 1/2 to 3 1/2' high. While other Viburnum carlesii will flower while their leaves are still emerging, Spice Island® […] Thank you Reply margaret says: August 17, 2015 at 10:25 am Hi, Patti. Its current classification is based on molecular phylogeny. Growth habit varies among species: V. carlesii (Korean Spice Viburnum) and V. opulus (European Cranberry Bush) varieties are round-topped and fairly dense; V. dentatum (Arrowwood Viburnum) is large with spreading branches, Viburnum prefer well cultivated soil, but will grow in most fertile, well drained soil. Viburnum Spice Baby - Common name:Korean Spice Viburnum - Amazing sweet scent from heavenly blush pink blossoms in the spring make this a must if you love fragrance wafting on the spring breezes. We are in zone 4-5. 'Aurora' is another great larger version if you have a large space to fill. Zones US, MS, LS; USDA 6-8. Plant Selections introduction, Spice Island® Koreanspice Viburnum was selected by Mike Yanny for its compact habit and late flowering. Viburnum carlesii 'Compactum' - A dwarf form of Korean Spice Viburnum. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. On Korean spice viburnum, red flower buds open to reveal pink blossoms that fade to white. Viburnum carlesii ‘Spice Baby’ Dwarf Korean Spice Viburnum Description This new selection of Korean spice viburnum promises strong growth while maintaining a compact habit. korean spice viburnum viburnum carlesii Deciduous. The scent they release is a combination of spicy and sweet Korean spice viburnum's most notable characteristic is the intoxicating fragrant white flowers that cover the shrub in spring. [2] It was previously included in the honeysuckle family Caprifoliaceae. How to Grow Korean Spice. The Korean Spice viburnum prefers well drained, mildly acidic soil in full sun to partial shade. Sugar n’ Spice® Koreanspice Viburnum Viburnum carlesii ‘J.N. However, it never hurts to practice occasional viburnum pruning each year to maintain shape and overall beauty. And it boasts deep green foliage that enlivens your garden nearly year-round, whether you’ve planted it for driveway borders or focal points in plant beds. Viburnum carlesii Compactum KOREANSPICE Fragrant Seeds! Viburnum is a genus of about 150–175 species of flowering plants in the moschatel family Adoxaceae. On average, viburnum shrubs need relatively little pruning. In early spring’s cooler air, the flowers and fragrance linger up to two weeks. Prune Korean spice viburnum to maintain its shape and improve its health. Prune immediately after flowering since flower buds form in summer for the following year. All the gorgeous early white corymbs with extraordinary perfume on a smaller plant. It is noticeably different in its darker and smaller leaves and compact habit. Find the perfect viburnum carlesii stock photo. This cultivar was selected by Mike Yanny for its smaller, […] I would like to get dwarf korean spice viburnum but I can’t find when to plant. Partial to full sun. This is a good plant for shrub borders, a fragrant garden, mass plantings, and for berries. Clusters of fragrant white flowers open … Korean spice viburnum in bloom. They like to be planted in areas of sun or partial shade, and should be planted to avoid strong winds. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Introduced by Hoogendoorn Size 4 to 10 feet high and 6 to 10 feet wide. When fertilizing Viburnum carlesii in pots, be Learn more about pruning in this article. Call us at 1 315 4971058. Can you help? Korean Spice Viburnum Viburnum carlesii Has it all–fragrant flowers, bright berries, fall foliage. Korean spice viburnum (Viburnum carlesii) also offers an attractive wine-red fall foliage on a compact, spreading 4- to 5-foot-high shrub. Select A’ Description & Overview A Johnson’s Nursery origination; J.N. Spice Island® Koreanspice Viburnum Viburnum carlesii ‘J.N. Korean Spice Viburnum (viburnum carlesii): Your shrub looks like the aromatic flower clusters are followed by red berries that turn black over the summer on … Viburnum carlesii and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Old Southern favorite. Proven Winners - Spice Girl® - Korean Spice Viburnum - Viburnum carlesii white plant details, information and resources. The flowers are showy and fragrant with a cinnamon scent and appear in April. Snowball blooms in hues of pink that fade to white set the Korean Spice Viburnum apart from the rest. Prune Korean spice viburnum immediately after flowering, in the late summer or early fall. Buy Korean Spice Viburnum online. Plant Selections introduction, Sugar n’ Spice® Koreanspice Viburnum is a heavy flowering cultivar with the delicious fragrance the species is known for. Brand: greg17086 1.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings Currently unavailable. Native to Korea, Japan. The smaller size of this . Loose, open habit to 48 feet tall and wide. Slow up to 6 … (Plant where you can enjoy scent.) VIBURNUM CARLESII 50mm Pot Also known as the Korean Spice Viburnum, (Viburnum carlesii) will add a beautiful spice cake fragrance to your garden. Cayuga viburnum is a hybrid cross between Viburnum carlesii (Korean spice viburnum) and Viburnum x carlcephalum (fragrant snowball), selected for its large, fragrant flower clusters. Korean Spice Viburnum 'Aurora' (Viburnum carlesii Aurora) at the best price - Buy online, any size available, unit offer or by quantity, fast delivery from our nurseries. They bloom on last year's wood, so pruning them in the spring or late winter will result in removing the very buds that are getting ready to open. No need to register, buy now! * Botanical name: Viburnum carlesii * What it is: A flowering shrub with some of the most fragrant flowers of any plant, blooming … Korean Spice Viburnum Shrubs is very easy to grow however it may be helpful to know that a very small plant which is planted in the ground will take about 1/8 – 1/4 cup of fertilizer.