Greek army advances into Anatolia and captures Bursa. After the conclusion of the Turkish War of Independence, this treaty recognized the Republic of Turkey as a sovereign nation. 15 June - 13 July. 15 - 20 October. 11 January. Greek advance checked at First Battle of Inonu. 19 February. Now let us discuss more of the examples of Horizontal Examples that uses CSS and JavaScript. Summons Nationalist Congress to be held in Sivas. It gives unique options for carousel and sliders as well. 19 September. Mustafa Kemal is posted to the General Staff in Istanbul. Succession of Ismet Inonu as President of Turkey. 3 November. Foundation of Turkish Linguistic Society. Mustafa Kemal attends Congress of Union and Progress Party in Salonika. 23 April. 18 September. Second Balkan War. this will slide after 3 second. Resignation of Lloyd George and his Government. Disturbances in Bursa over decision to recite the call to prayer in Turkish. Dissolution of Istanbul Parliament. 24 July. 3 June. Set the values property to an array with one date. Each section contains image holders as well as the text placements to explain the image. Foundation of People's Party (Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, CHP). Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece at war with Ottoman Empire. 19 - 30 September. Death of Sultan Mehmet V. Vahdettin succeeds him as Mehmet VI. Opening of Peace Conference at Versailles. Advance checked by Mustafa Kemal with his outstanding leadership of the Nineteenth Division. For creating responsive design, used CSS @media query, it will fit on every screen size. Young Mustafa enters Military Secondary School at Salonika and is given the additional name of Kemal. If removeBefore is set true, remove slide preceding index, or the first slide if no index is specified. Ottomans purchase German warships Goeben and Breslau on arrival in the Bosporus. To run the examples locally, run npm run build and then open the one of theexamples in docs/examples. Demo Download Tags: timeline Responsive Timeline Slider With JavaScript … Suppression of Progressive Party. Law for Maintenance of Public Order gives Government exceptional powers. The ID or node representing the DOM element containing the widget. 15 April. 27 December. Normal timeline contains a straight line with some points, each point has a different time period and experience. 13 November. 20 January. 29 October. Set values property to an array with two dates. Include the jQuery library and plugin: