Fighting Style: Krillin Type Progress Description Fighting Style 100% This fighting style correlates to Krillin. Anyway, back on topic, it is the strongest move Krillin had...and it's one of the most powerful moves in the show as if only Krillin could actually land a hit with it/face an opponent who doesn't regenerate from it. I do not own the contents of this video in any way. Both of those scenes were filler written by Toei, I guess Toei added those scenes to make Cell more hype and to avoid questions like this -, In the Super 17 Saga, Goku is in Hell fighting Frieza and Cell. And even when Krillin was only a fraction of Frieza's strength, he was still able to cut off Frieza's tail(and likely would've cut him in half with better aim). By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.Learn More. Liked I've said before, was a fan when I was younger. Frieza attempts to launch a Destructo Disk at him, and Goku is seen riding it. Then you get to the Cell vs Gohan fight, where Cell and Gohan are fairly evenly matched, though Gohan is a bit stronger. He does this at the very start, and wastes no time. iirc, the times the Disc is caught or does nothing are filler. Nah, Nappa and Frieza were way stronger than Krillin when he used it. The Destructo Disc -- also known as the Kienzan--was introduced in the Saiyan Saga during Dragon Ball Z, developed by Krillin as perhaps his ultimate technique. Also, something I completely forgot, but Frieza used discs against Goku too. In every instance that Krillin attempts his destructo disk, he seems to always miss, but is it possible that Krillin could … That's probably how it'd go down with anyone considerably stronger than Krillin. Taking his ki and channeling it into a disc that he produces over his head, the flowing energy creates a saw-like effect. What if Krillin used it on Beerus, or Whis, or Magetta? Then you get to the Cell vs Gohan fight, where Cell and Gohan are fairly evenly matched, though Gohan is a bit stronger. Cell referred to it as Kienzan discs, a reference to the original Japanese name of Destructo Disc, in the anime. Gohan catches BOTH of Cell's discs as if it's nothing. So, how powerful is Krillin's Destructo Disc? Imagine if when Beerus and Frieza posing a threat to the Earth, or when Jiren is beating up Goku, people can just say "why bother with God Ki or Ultra Instinct, just use Solar Flare and throw a Destructo Disc at them". Nappa would've lost his head if not for Vegeta's warning. Krillin at the end of Super. Yes, Cell is a lot stronger than Krillin, but so was Frieza. Napa was too stupid to realize what it was. (And that someone was cell… In the Super 17 Saga, Goku is in Hell fighting Frieza and Cell. Pop! .it just doesn't work for me. If I recalled, didn't cell see it coming? Probably not. Krillin is attacked by Frieza during the battle on Planet Namek and is easily defeated. you are correct. Anime: Dragon Ball Z - Krillin with Destructo Disc Verzamel jouw favoriete karakters als een Funko-pop! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In the same way that Trunks was able to slap Debura's spit away without turning into stone. Also the colors and abilities are different. Krillin uses it on Cell, and Cell just completely ignores it, letting it slice through his neck, and comes out unharmed. He tried again, against Great Ape Vegeta, in an attempt to cut off his tail, but Vegeta also managed to dodge it. Gohan was beating his ass if I recall, but as other people had said it was filler. A short battle :P The song in the end is Bulls On Parade By Rage Against The Machine. Even if one of the disc doesn't connect with the opponent, the other usually will. Destructo disc has 100% accuracy, not due to tracking or increase in speed but just because he's really damn good at leading his shots. And Goku knew that his only option was to avoid them. Might break on Whis and Beerus if they have an aura field like Jiren. Chill. Buy Funko Pop! Krillin (クリリン) is the best friend of Goku who appears as a major protagonist in the Dragon Ball Series. If the manga Kienzan ever did hit Cell it wouldn't do anything anyway, Cell could just reattach his body. Goku was for the most part tied or losing until Frieza, exhausted from tanking the spirit bomb started to lose energy. . Does it have to do with someone expecting it vs the unexpected? Whoever wrote the Cell Saga clearly had no respect for the lethality of a destructo disc. Properties. They can be destroyed through energy blasts though, as shown during Goku's fight against Krillin. Then you get to the Cell vs Gohan fight, where Cell and Gohan are fairly evenly matched, though Gohan is a bit stronger. Lets say that Krillin Does The Solar Flare+Destructo Disk combo against any Villain that stands in his way. So I'd rather opponents take it seriously and have the move just perpetually miss (as it always does) rather than have someone tank it and end its proud legacy. Destructo disc lost its usefullness after the thousands of times missing (Hitting a cheek/tail/whatever), and finally it breaks when it FINALLY hits someone. Overview By using more Ki than that used by the standard version, the user can create a larger Destructo-Disc … Krillin charges a first Destructo Disc, and then he throws in rapid succession a series of discs which have the ability to cut the opponent apart. Quest 0 The first quest is beating Krillin and becoming his student, which will also unlock the Orin Combo.Kamehameha! Despite being unblockable, its damage is … The Destructo Disc is an awesome move but it kind of downplays the tension of the arc when everything can apparently be solved by Solar Flare + Destructo Disc and Krillin is considered an idiot by some people for not doing so. It would have ruined the final flash if they knew he had regen powers. Krillin first used this technique against Nappa, but the Saiyan dodged it (only thanks to Vegeta's advice), resulting in only a gash on his cheek. Also, is there a difference between the Destructo Disc like abilities that Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza have used and Krillin's own? Both of those scenes were filler written by Toei, so rest assured we haven't seen the move tanked at any point in canon. Krillin, not having witnessed Frieza use it due to his death beforehand, initially believed that Cell had somehow modified his ability himself. The Death Saucer can be created in pairs, and is able to lock onto th… He is later snuck up on by Captain Ginyu, and has his body switched with Frieza attempts to launch a Destructo Disk at him, and Goku is seen riding it. Have other characters/villains use it once they realize it's possible. Fierce Destructo Disc Type Progress Description Ultimate (Blast) 83%-99% The player readies a disc-shaped ki blast, then fires multiple Destructo Discs. The only reason Nappa didn't get cut in half is because Vegeta realized it would cut Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. I say this because (with the exception of anime only events), Krillin's Destructo Disk seems to be unblockable and certain to cut anything in its path (you can either dodge it or wait for it to dissipate). I actually think Frieza was stronger than Goku during the Namek SS1 fight. Yeah both those moments in the Cell arc are filler, so blame it on that. The disrespect for this attack is wild. I was just thinking about the progression of the Destructo Disc. it's been a while since vegas took me 4 times to render this because i was doing it wrong I still think it should've sliced through then Cell grows back his head afterwards, that way it shows that Cell has massive regen powers (even before the Final Flash) and give Krillmaster some respect. I doubt Krillin's destructo disc would harm Frieza, Frieza was halfed by his own disc. The user creates two energy discs and fires then at the opponent one after the other in a pincer maneuver that makes it difficult to dodge both of them, as the discs are coming towards the opponent from both sides. Nappa took an explosion of Chiatzou's entire life energy and was left unscathed. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Even the games (which I know are in no way canon) stand by this rule.