I had a drain person come out and he said that the problem was with the angle fo the drains outside. If your water softener smells musty you need to perform some basic maintenance steps. if you remove the trap to check it for cleanliness, you can scrub the sink/drain pipe at that time. The growth can contribute to clogged drains and release a foul odor into your … The good news is that there are only a couple of places a musty smell can be coming from. It can quickly accumulate and cause some pretty bad smells. // ]]> Spray the inside of the cupboard under your sink … It’s common practice to do this once every 4 months so your system can clean itself and remove any unpleasant smells. ... Dismantle the under sink plumbing and clean it out and put it all back together - not very hard as these days its all screw together plastic piping so take a photo or 3 and dismantle and clean out with a cost of exactly zero. The musty smell that you may be smelling inside of your home is an odor that is often described as having a stale, moldy, or damp odor – and usually impaired by mold or mildew. Mildew grows in dark, dank places, and sink pipes provide an ideal habitat for mildew spores to spread. The source of the stank may be a buildup of hair, soap scum and toothpaste. If you have a musty smell in your kitchen, there’s a good chance that you have a leak somewhere. Replace the trap. I put it last here, but it should possibly be first. We have had A plumber come 3 times. It’s an inexpensive, non-toxic solution to this problem. When doing the inspection we noticed a musky, mildew smell in it and once he filled the sink with water (to stress the … Anything you put down your sink other than water can stick to the sides of the pipes or sit in the U-bend. Either way, we’ve got you covered. A quick fix if you don’t want to try pouring water down the hole would be to spray Clorox Cleanup or a similar type of bathroom cleaner into the overflow hole and down the drain to get rid of the smell. Pics of : Why Does It Smell Musty Under My Kitchen Sink. You can find it in pet stores that sell aquarium supplies or in hardware stores. The cabinet under this essential fixture doesn’t light up when you reach inside for supplies. Kitchen smell culprit #4: Mustiness . Storage space under the kitchen sink can be useful, especially in small kitchens. Larry has been trying to solve a bad smell beneath the sink himself and believes he has narrowed it down to a plumbing part called an Anti-Siphon Trap Vent Device (ASTVD). Water was shut off to stop it. And over time, bacteria will cause it to decay and smell. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into your sink. 1. At first I thought it was the dishwasher, and ran the dishwasher but the smell got worse. It won’t harm your pipes and it’s a cheap solution to this problem. Clean the P-trap Under Your Sink. He came over, fixed the leak but told me that I had to wait for the smell to go away after everything dries up. Image source. What Causes The Musty Smell Under The Kitchen Sink? The good news is that there are only a couple of places a musty smell can be coming … Put some baking soda on an old toothbrush to scrub it out and make it look like new. Run Water in the Sink. Even when we diligently use a sink strainer or garbage disposal, we work our kitchen sink drains hard. If you have noticed an earthy stank coming from under your sink, you’re probably dealing with mildew. After putting on safety gear, you should locate the mold. A musty sink can occur even in the cleanest of kitchens. Still waiting on the replacement part. My husband found a vent that replaced the vent we had which didn't have a check valve in it to stop the sewer smell from coming in. If you don’t mind it being white you can use a product called Bin primer-sealer, it’s available in a spray can or a brush on. Why does my kitchen sink smell mold on bathroom ceiling musty smell in house 7 smells moldy smelling water from bathroom sink drain discharges black debris 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Gross And Stinky Kitchen Sink OdorsMusty Smell From One Of My Double Sink Drains Doityourself Munity Forums5 Signs That You Have Mold Growing… Read More » T: 1-800-989-0299 Pour it into the overflow hole to kill the smell. Required fields are marked *. Musty or mildew smell in RV. Read the instructions before gently feeding it down the drain to remove the blockage. When i open the cupboard under the kitchen sink, it smells really bad. F: (845) 782-1835, Copyright 2020 © Nebrasky Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Water Heater. I recently bought my house and after smelling a musty smell for several months, discovered a slow leak under the kitchen sink. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar right behind that and watch for the reaction that occurs. Fill a bucket with some vinegar and water. Here are some areas that could be to blame when your mobile home smells like mildew. I would recommend making sure that the pipe is no longer leaking and then … // ]]> Monroe, NY 10950 What Causes a Musty Smell in the Kitchen Sink Drain? Lastly, there’s the dreaded musty or mildew smell. Sometimes, a good hot flush is all the sink really needs. You’ll want to nip this one in the bud before it blossoms into a full-blown mold issue by mixing up a solution of bleach and water and putting it into a spray bottle. For best results, use it full strength, and don’t use the sink for some time after you pour it down the drain. A typical sink trap. A typical sink trap. // ]]> Joe is an odor combatant, chemistry extraordinaire and all around good guy. //