Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Every successful business incorporates effective information and data sharing techniques. Files in the form of documents, media, code, financials are all critical components of daily operations. A highly capable peer-to-peer file system is still implemented in the form of LAN and WAN. These types of systems are mostly costly and require constant updates in the form software

as well as hardware installations. Moreover, in today’s handheld device dominant world, these last generation technologies are redundant. Gone are the days of dedicated servers, now cloud connected drives and technologies such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive are center of every office network. But these hosted solutions are not configured wisely – often businesses overlook performance implications, security, auditing, sharing, synchronization conflicts and scalability of these services.

AllTech provides a scalable on-site cloud NAS solution designed for high performance file sharing over different network protocols. Solution leverages hybrid cloud for data backups using storage services like Amazon S3 and Glacier.

Apart from effective resource management, cloud-enabled NAS drives are cost effective, time saving, and offer best space utilization. These drives are easy to setup and does not require continuous human intervention for optimized performance. These drives are designed to keep your data secure all the time through advanced data security techniques. With IP6 Networking interface along with Wireless connectivity and multiple LAN connections, these drives deliver unmatched performance.

AllTech Networks provides customized cloud storage solutions. We visit your organization,study your current data deployment and suggest the best possible solution as per your unique needs. Our prime focus is always on providing future ready and cost effective data management solution.