Office 365 Integration

Office 365 Integration

The most popular office productivity suit – Microsoft Office is now enhanced with cloud compatibility. It’s more than just accessing your emails sitting on a hosted cloud. Now you can access your applications and files from anywhere and at anytime with powerful cloud storage capabilities. It not only offers seamless device compatibility but also provides cross platform support too, thus removing the need for different installations for PC, Mac and other platforms. You can check your emails, edit your documents, collaborate with peers – all within the browser thus eliminating any software

licensing costs and costly infrastructure upgrades. Your application works and acts similarly on your PC, Mac, Tablet or phone irrespective of equipment platform and hardware. Updates and new features are available automatically from the day one to you thus removing the need for manual updates. Apart from basic office features Microsoft Office 365 offers additional unmatched features like:

  1. Enhanced Security:

    Office 365 is developed with content security in mind. Office 365 applications are accessed through 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption. That means, even if a transmission is intercepted by someone without authorization, they won't be able to read it. Antivirus database receives real-time updates and security measures are applied in accordance with the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing initiative.

  2. Enhanced Reliability:

    Microsoft Online Services provides a service level agreement (SLA) and guarantees 99.9 percent scheduled uptime. With multiple datacenters across the globe, your application and content is always available to you without the fear of facing downtime. Advanced network architecture removes the need of taking manual data backups by making this process automatic thus further saving your operational costs.

  3. Unmatched Compatibility

    Office 365 is cross platform compatible and performs amazingly similar on Win XP, Win 7, OS X, and OS XI thus removing the need for purchasing different versions of your favorite office suit for different platforms.

  4. Exchange Online

    Exchange Online gives you the benefits of Exchange Server 2010 without the cost and overhead of deploying it in-house. Users can also connect via Outlook Web App without having the need to install Outlook client on their system.

  5. SharePoint Online

    Microsoft SharePoint allows your employees to work on a single document simultaneously. It makes work collaboration easy. SharePoint sites work with all Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, and SharePoint Workspace. Sites can be accessed via all popular web browsers and through mobile devices also.

  6. Lync Online

    Lync Online is the communications service component of Office 365. It can be purchased as a standalone service also, for providing users with instant messaging, audio and video calling between PCs, Web conferencing, and presence. Data sharing, including desktop and application sharing, whiteboard capability, and document sharing, is supported in Lync.

  7. Office Web Apps

    The best feature of Microsoft Office 365 is Web Apps. Now you can use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel using any popular web browser. Application interface is similar across platforms and you can view, edit or create documents in your familiar working environment. No matter where you are or what computer you're using, you have access to your files and ability to share it easily through the Office 365 web application.

AllTech Networks offers Microsoft Office 365 integration service to its customers in the form of content and data migration. Your older server data is safely migrated to Microsoft’s server and made available to use on Office 365 web apps thus making the cloud transition seems an easy task.